The family Ćurin

The island of Hvar is among the ten most beautiful islands in the world and is also listed as one of the most desirable tourist destinations. The sunny island is located in the Mediterranean, in the centre of the Croatian Adriatic coast. The lush vegetation of the island benefited greatly from the moderate Mediterranean climate that enjoys mild and rainy winters followed by warm and sunny summers. The Island of islands, as it is called, enjoys 2,711 sunny hours per year.

The "Ćurin" agricultural trade is located on the island of Hvar, in Gdinj, which is 25km east of Jelsa, at a hight of 361m above sea level.

The Ćurin family has been cultivating lavender since 1955. Our production programme combines a range of aromatic herbs and essential oils. Due to the configuration of the terrain, machinery is seldom used, therefore, traditional crop cultivation is practised on the plantation – among which are digging and harvesting with sickles. The gathering of wild plants along the entire length of the island of Hvar offers a truly special connection to nature. The basis for obtaining essential oils from self-propagating plants is distillation with water vapor.

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Oil Production

Traditional method of oil production

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The New Distillery

Modern method of oil production

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Traditional cultivation and herb harvest

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